Now, the market demand is surging glass bottles, plastic market is greatly squeezed. One of the reasons is the rise of the high-end packaging market and the high end of the use of glass bottles and packaging. Because, to a certain extent. Glass bottles in appearance show temperament far more than plastic bottles and other plastic products. Plastic bottle packaging, therefore, how now the quality of the bottle must obviously be in the current market competition factor.

First of all, the most widely used packaging materials, such as acrylic plastic bottles and plastic packaging, are widely used in cosmetics. One reason is that the appearance is very similar to that of glass bottles, which can almost achieve the real level. But in food, medicine and other acrylic plastic packaging rarely used, this is mainly acrylic plastic bottles can not meet the requirements of edible packaging materials.
Next, of course, is the process of adding additional technology to all kinds of plastic bottles. In this process, some characteristics of some plastic bottles show some characteristics of glass bottle packaging. Grind bottle packaging to make plastic bottles look similar to glass bottles.
Finally, their temperament enhances the quality of plastic bottles, which is a feasible way, for example, some health care products, such as plastic bottles, plastic bottles and fancy designs, make plastic bottles greatly improve the overall quality.



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