Solid plastic bottle is a common form of packaging. It is widely used in modern packaging system, including medicine, food, daily necessities and so on. Plastic bottles can be used to pack solids and liquids, and different types of plastic bottles have different properties. Solid plastic bottles can be used for packing solid products and used in solid drugs and food packaging.
High quality solid plastic bottle has high quality light intensity, no damage, good sealing performance, safety and reliability, moisture-proof and environmental protection, which is suitable for food and drug packaging and many other requirements, such as tablets, capsules, granules and so on. In the distribution and transportation of packaging materials, it has a good effect on the seal.

According to the statistics, the annual output value of medical packaging in China is about 25 billion, which has become the fastest growing industry in China’s packaging industry. It can be seen that pharmaceutical plastic bottles have broad market prospects. Traditional plastic packaging is being phased out. Plastic bottles as a mainstream form of packaging have been favored by the market.
With the continuous upgrading of plastic materials and production equipment, solid plastic bottles have laid an important foundation for the development of the packaging market. It provides convenient conditions for people’s production and life.


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